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The Sophomore EP by FWM explores afflictions that can effect everyone's life, tackling subjects like death, drunk driving, and the inner struggle that comes from making life changes.


released February 12, 2016

All songs written by Friends with Monsters
Recording and Production by Chris Love



all rights reserved


Friends With Monsters Virginia Beach, Virginia

Friends with Monsters is a 4-piece Pop Punk band from the pizza filled streets of Virginia Beach, Va. The group blends catchy guitar riffs along side vocally driven chorus' to create a pop-punk party for your eardrums. The debut EP, "Handsome America" is available July 12, 2015. ... more

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Track Name: ASAP
All that I am
making mistakes that I can't take back. 
Gripping the patience that I have
calling my friends, its all ill ever need
and once again i choke on the words i breathe 
knowing that they're here for me
knowing that we're here

Time again chances get smothered
swaying now and tossing it back. Clinching bottles after the fact. Losing patience that I had.
Im losing patience
Through getting wasted
My times been spent
This is my second chance

Giving in to all I had to. 
Ive never been down this road before
Caught on the edge, not tapping out.
Finding out the truth  escapes me now. 
But the story's starting to get steeper 

One more swig that the spirits say. I'm distilled and ready for something else. 
not my time and it could've been. Leaving with haste as the sun sets in. 
Troubled and hurt, no shoes, no shirt. 
This would never happen to me. 
coulda swore that i said it before. 
Now i woke up behind barred doors
Track Name: Bloom
It gets me every time
She tries softens the blow
And puts me in my place
Shes seen where i go
But with this loss of control
A release is what i need
With stable ground to stand on
Cause she believes in me

I took some time to slip away
And Left my mind to breathe at a different pace
All the days have been cut up
Its not supposed to be this way

Have you given up yet?
Did you try your best?
No more excuses this isn't a test.
It's likely habit or just a phase
In time the wind will carry this storm away

As i stand here embodied in my skin
And the guilt lies only in my hands
Ive done my best to make this right
When will the change set it in
Once again i lie and say its alright
To justify decisions made this time
Ive done my best to make this right
Its not supposed to be this way
Track Name: Statement
You are so hopeless I hope you know this. You're not the only sharp tool in this shed. Keep acting jaded, you know i hate it. Like horror scenes running through my head

I refuse to play these games with you I never know when it'll be my last

So do you bury me or the hatchet. You change your mind like its your one bad habit. I can stomach this disaster its more loss than not
Twice the pride double the fall you deserve everything you got

I'm catching hell for the shit you pulled no amount of luck can get me out of this whole
The debts I've paid promises I broke the friends I've lost because I lost my soul
It shows

Followed you under
I tread so lightly
Can't take this feeling
I laid awake nightly

Grinding my teeth down
And this habit ill break you
can't take this feeling and
ill forget when I want to

I refuse to play these games with you
Track Name: Off the Wall
And you Live inside your head
Built with lies, until youre lead
Tearing down your world
As youre Losing grip, youve become such a mess
And i wont take it back
You choose fiction over the facts
As write me out
With your constant doubt
Taking pictures off the wall

(off the wall)

Im out of frame
and im Laid face down.
Collecting dust, as it faded out
Where we were is ripped up now
Where we were is different now

Getting bent out of shape
When things dont go my way
Letting things i desire
start the fire
With trouble letting go
Like holding hot coals
I only burn myself
With scars on my hands

On my hands

Im out of frame
and im Laid face down.
Collecting dust, as it faded out
Where we were is ripped up now
Where we were is different now

Weve spent too many days here
Shifted side to side
Youre sheltered in your mind
Quick to run and hide
And i try to help you out of this
I reach and push through all of it
Yet we sit as we debate
Track Name: Ladybug (Acoustic)
Its nice to know that
you left a message for me
On the fridge it reads
As the months go by
Not a day goes on
That it reminds me
Where we were. who we are
You taught me to be
the son you see
Where we were. ill always read
Hope your day was great:
I love you

I watched the clouds roll in that day
As they took you to your place
There was nothing that we could do
Nothing we could say
to bring you back

The white noise held me down
On the eastcoast, where i was found
As they flew through the air
I knew then, you pulled me out
And i know that youre always there

As life passes by
Slipping to existence
Some days are harder then the rest
And ill pull through
Cause i wanna live
And not just exist
Its what youd say is best


I was a mess.
A trainwreck at best
You left a reality
That wasnt yet real to me
We spoke hours before
Words that left an echo
Im here wanting more
Im always wanting more